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Who are we

We are outdoor enthusiasts. We are super fans of creative outdoor equipments. We love freedom and we want to do something for the outdoors. We created Skysurf tree tents and we built Tentsir website. Our goal is to show the world "what is created and made in China". We keep running after our dreams. We love what we are doing and we are doing what we love.

 What is "TENTSIR"?

TENTSIR is the website where you can find the high quality camping tents and other creative outdoor equipments at the possible lowest price. We will introduce the best Chinese outdoor gears to the world through tentsir.com. 

What is Skysurf tree tents?

Skysurf tree tents are a series of triangle hanging tents designed to be suspended in tension. Skysurf tree tents are created to offer you a comfortable sleep in the outdoor. We believe that Skysurf tree tents will be somethings big in the future.


The story of Skysurf 

Our journey started at the end of 2013.

A tree tent called Stingray from the Tentsile company captured our minds and amazed us. That kind of tree tents are very creative and they are good for a comfortable sleep in the ourdoors. But Tentsile Stingray was too expensive and it weighed a lot. We wanted something more lightweight.

In August 2014, we decided to create a lightweight tree tent. This tent needed to be small in size and light in weight. With this idea, a simple tree tent with only one pole came out in October 2014. Because that tent looked like a fish flying in the sky, we named it Flying fish.

Our Flying fish is the most lightweight double tree tent you can find on the market. But some big guys wanted a bigger tree tent. So we continued developing new ideas. In May 2015, we created a big tree tent with two poles called Air. Air has a larger inner space and it comes with two special big doors on its two sides. 

In 2015, we put our Flying fish tree tent into trial production and sold some around the world to test the market. We got some good feedback from our customers, which encouraged us to move forward.

But something happened in October 2015. We were told by one of our customers from the USA that Tentsile launched a new tree tent with one pole and that tent looked the same as our Flying fish. Then we checked Tentsile website. Yes, we found that counterfeit tree tent which was called Flite and its structure was totally the same as our Flying fish design. We didn't believe that Tentsile would steal our patent. Or was that just a coincidence? We needed to contact Tentsile to figure out what happened. We sent many e-mails to all of the Tentsile members. But none of them replied. Then we made comments on their Facebook and asked them to stop selling their Flite tree tent. But they put us in their blacklist. One month later we sent another e-mail to Tentsile and told them that we would take them to court if they kept selling the Flite, because we already had that tree tent design patented and we knew the location of their factory in China. Finally, they replied to our e-mail at the beginning of 2016. They wanted cooperation. So we talked with them.

After more than one month of negotiations, we still could not make a deal. Tentsile wanted to buy the patent of our tree tent designs, but we were not happy with the amount they wanted to pay us. Tentsile thought we were too greedy. Negotiations ended with Tentsile agreeing to pay us some money for selling their Flite tree tents in the whole year of 2016. After that Tentsile would stop selling the Flite and they would sell their own new Flite plus tree tent which was created by adding a short pole on the top of our Flying fish. Adding that cross brace on our Flying fish to creat their Flite plus tree tent can help them to avoid patent infringment, but that cross brace is useless and redundant. That just makes the structure more complex and makes the tent more inconvenient to be used. Would anyone buy that thing?

In October 2016, one of our distributors in the USA told us that Tentsile had the patent of Flite(our Flying fish tree tent) in his country and Tentsile used that patent to scare our distributors to stop them selling our tree tents. That is ridiculous. We knew a lawyer in the USA. We asked him for help. After checking Tentsile Flite patent, our lawyer told us that we didn't need to worry about anything, because that Tentsile Flite patent is invalid and useless. We already had our Flying fish tree tent patented in China in October 2014 and our patent got aproval and was shown to the public in March 2015. Tentsile applied for their Flite tree tent patent in the USA after the publication of our Flying fish tree tent patent in China. That is why their patent is invalid. A valid patent must be something new and something created by yourself. It is illegal to steal other people' patent. We thought Tentsile saw our Flying fish tree tent when we put it sold on Alibaba at the beginning of 2015 and then they stole that design and had it patented in the USA. We contacted Tentsile again and asked them to stop using that invalid patent to scare our distributors. No reply! It doesn't matter. At least they could not produce the Flite any more. 

At the end of 2016, we created a super lightweight single tree tent called Mini. This time we had it patented in the USA and the EU to prevent Tentsile stealing that design again. Actually those patents outside China don't help us much. We just don't want tentsile to scare our customers with an invalid patent again.

We keep developing new ideas. A new tree tent for three persons will come out in 2019. Just wait...



Be extraordinary and stay revolutionary.


If you are interested in selling Skysurf tree tents, feel free to contact skysurf@163.com. We need agents in every country.




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