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Why do our tree tents all come with triangle bottom


 Recently some customers ask us why our tree tents are all with triangle bottom structures and why not quadrangle ones. It is a simple question. Now let's give you the answers.


Firstly, it is just common sense that triangle structure is the stablest and it would not be out of shape easily. So triangle tree tents are easilier to be taut and would not sag much after tightened. It is very comfortable to sleep in the triangle tree tents at the outdoor.





Secondly, triangle bottom structure is the simplest, it is much simpler than the quadrangle ones. So triangle tree tents would be set up much easiler. And the triangle tree tents look more beautiful, too.


Thirdly, with a triangle tree tent, you just need to find three trees for it, but with a quadrangle tree tent, you need to find four. And we can use four trees to hang a triangle tree tent, but we can not use three trees for a quadrangle tree tent. See the pictures below.



Tree tents are still new things in the world. Many people know little about them. A good tree tent must come with a triangle bottom, a simple structure and some big doors. The triangle bottom is the most basic part. The simple structure help to make tree tents light in weight and to be set up easily. The big doors offer you a great view and easy access. All our tree tents are designed well. We are so confident to say we have the best single tree tent design and double tree tent designs in the world.


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