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Flying fish tree tent




  • Flying fish tree tent
  • Flying fish tree tent


1. You can buy the tent you want here on our website. We just accept paypal for now. Shipping would be prepared in 24 hours after you place your order.



2. Our tents are shipped worldwide from China and shipping freight is free.



3. Normally speaking, we ship our tents to customers in the USA, Canada and Australia through UPS and shipping takes about 7 working days. We ship our tents to customers in the EU through DHL and shipping takes about 5 working days.


4. The color of Flying fish tree tent is in blue bottom with grey mesh. There are four colors for rainfly for you to choose, they are blue, grey, green and white.



Flight tree tent was renamed Flyingfish because Tentsile company already registered "Flite" as their trade mark. We can not call it "Flite" or "Flight" any more. But it is still the same tree tent.



Flying fish tree tent is the first tree tent we designed. It comes with just one pole. It is simple, ultralight and small. It is a backpacking tree tent for two adults. The Tentsile company paid us patent fee for producing and selling Flying fish tree tent in 2016. But now we have stopped working with them, because we don’t think they are an honest company. After the cooperation was broken, Tentsile created Flite plus based on our Flying fish design to compete with us. But Flite plus is more complex and more inconvenient to be used because there is a short pole on its head. That extra short pole is redundant and useless. Tentsile added a short pole there just to avoid patent infringement, because we have patent for our Flying fish. So would you like to pay about 218USD to buy the original well-designed tree tent which is simple, lightweight and good-looking, or pay 350USD to buy an ugly bad designed counterfeit tree tent?



Our Flying fish tree tent is a perfect hiking size for two adults. No more lumpy, bumpy, wet or muddy ground and all the separation you need from insects, snakes and other creepies! Flying fish tree tent comes with only one ratchet to save weight, and because of its handy size, can be set up between most tree configurations - even in more dense forest. We have worked hard to make it the best two-person suspended camping solution you will find on the market. Go forth and experience a whole new level of freedom in wild camping! 





Product name: Flying fish tree tent

Set up time: 10 minutes

Seasons: 4

Size: 2.6 x 3.2 x 3.2m / 8.5 x 10.5 x 10.5ft

Pack down size: 45 x 15 x 15cm / 17.7 x 5.9 x 5.9in

Floor area: 3.75m2 / 40ft2 

Dry porch area on ground level: 5m2/ 53.8ft2

Doors: 2

Interior height - unloaded: 70cm / 2.3ft

Weight: approximately 3.0 kg / 6.6 Lbs

Poles: x1  7.9mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy

Roof: Tear resistant insect mesh

Flysheet: 70D PU coated waterproof polyester, 3000HH

Floor fabric: 40D polyester, reinforced with 12m of 25mm webbing  

Ratchet: 25mm small lightweight high quality ratchet

Straps: 25mm polyester webbing straps

Fire Rating: US CPAI-84 & Canadian F-16

Maximum capacity: 2 adults and their gear

Maximum load: 220kg / 485lbs



Package includes:


Flying fish tree tent and one pole

Removable flysheet

Lightweight durable bag

One 25mm ratchet buckle and 3 straps(6m / 19.5ft)     

Aluminum Pegs x 2                                           

Wind proof rope x 4                                         

Manual x 1 





Due to continuous innovation and improvements, specifications can change without notice.



Returns and warranty:


1. Our tree tents can be returned unused within one month and expect a full refund(less any postage costs)

2. We offer one year warranty. If a manufacturing defect occurs within one year, the product can be returned for repair or replacement.


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