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Mini tree tent




  • Mini tree tent
  • Mini tree tent
  • Mini tree tent
  • Mini tree tent
  • Mini tree tent


1. You can buy the tent you want here on our website. We just accept paypal for now. Shipping would be prepared in 24 hours after you place your order.


2. Our tents are shipped worldwide from China and shipping freight is free.


3. Normally speaking, we ship our tents to customers in the USA, Canada and Australia through UPS and shipping takes about 7 working days. We ship our tents to customers in the EU through DHL and shipping takes about 5 working days.


4. The color of Mini tree tent is in blue bottom with grey mesh. There are three colors for rainfly for you to choose, they are blue, grey and green.



Mini tree tent is the third tree tent we designed and produced. It is simple, lightweight and small. It is a backpacking tree tent for one adult. Our Mini design is the one and only triangle tree tent design for single person in the market and it is the most lightweight triangle tree tent in the world for now. We want to enjoy the outdoors in a very comfortable way. We don’t want to carry something heavy. That is why we created Mini tree tent.



Mini tree tent is created for backpacking and hiking. It is more pratical than other tree tents. Because of its tiny body, it doesn't need to work with a ratchet to be tightened. Because of its tiny size, it can be set up between most tree configurations-even in dense forest. It is easier to be packed, carried, set up and put down. Because it is for only one person, you don't need to find big trees for it, since small trees are strong enough. It is pratical like the traditional hammock, but it is much much more comfortable than a hammock.



All our tree tents come with a full insect mesh top and a removable rain cover. The rain covers can be pegged out to the ground to create covered porch areas. The Mini has a big door and two poles. The door covers almost all the mesh top between the two poles. When the door is totally open, the tent is semi-open. With this big door, you can have more clear views and you can get closer to the nature and the fresh air. With this big door, you can get into the Mini tent from both sides, too.



The Mini tree tent is small, but big enough for a person below 6'10" / 186cm. If you are taller, the Flying fish is recommended. Watching our videos on Youtube can help you to know more about our products so that you can choose the tree tent which is suitable for you the most. The guy in the video is 178cm and 75kg. You can take that for reference.





Product name: Mini tree tent

Set up time: 10 minutes

Seasons: 4

Size: 2 x 3 x 3m 

Pack Down Size: 50 x 15 x 15cm

Doors: 1

Interior height-unloaded: 60cm

Weight: approximately 2KG/4.5LBS

Poles: 2 x 7.9mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy

Roof: Tear resistant insect mesh

Flysheet: 70D PU coated waterproof polyester, 3000HH

Floor fabric: 40D nylon, reinforced with 9m of 20mm webbing

Straps: 25mm polyester webbing straps

Fire Rating: US CPAI-84 & Canadian F-16

Maximum Capacity: One adult

Maximum Load: 130kg/287lbs



Package includes:


One Mini tree tent and two poles

Removable flysheet x 1

Lightweight durable bag x 1

Straps (6m / 19.5ft) x 3

Pegs x 3

Wind proof rope x 3

Manual x 1





Due to continuous innovation and improvements, specifications can change without notice.



Returns and warranty:


1. Our tree tents can be returned unused within one month and expect a full refund(less any postage costs)

2. We offer one year warranty. If a manufacturing defect occurs within one year, the product can be returned for repair or replacement.


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Anonymous user2018-08-10

I've owned this tent almost a year I've used it several times in the yard just to hang out and carried it backpacking about 5 times now, I've had some great nights sleep in this solo set up, I have had great comfortable sleep and no problems with tent, glad I bought it and reccomed it to anyone not wanting to sleep on the ground, I like it over my great Hammock setup too.

Anonymous user2017-12-09

so far, i own this tent but got it late in my camping season so i haven't slept in it yet but its lighter than i thought it would be, its well made from what i can see. i have set it up and hung out in it with no issues so far, i like the fact of no heavy hardware on the web lines, just tie a special knot. it took some fiddling to get it set up right, but with practice i can now do it pretty quick. i do think this will be my goto sleep sytem over my hammock. there are not may of this style out there so for 1 person this is a nice setup

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